General Customer Data Policy

This website is being served from Klik MALL platform for webshops. On this page you will find Customer data policy that applies to webshops on Klik MALL platform in general.

In cases of additional steps or special settings explanation of those will be provided on these pages under General Terms of service for Tree of names

We try to undertake all available steps to use and keep the customer’s personal data safe and secure.

Your personal data, their collection and use is closely connected to our general terms of service and should be seen as a whole for exact interpretations.

We run our business activities based on laws regarding user data protection (ZVOP-1) and EU directive GDPR.


Personal data that Tree of names collects and reasons for it:

- Identity data from webshop buyers. name, surname, email, phone (optional). If anyonimuous purchase is not an option, these are required from webshop buyers as they are  necessary for order fullfillment and business obligated duties. 

- Address & Delivery data. address of buyer and delivery address (second is optional). These are required from webshop buyers. 

- User profile information from registered users. If you create a user profile with one of social profiles that are supported, we collect your User name, email and profile picture. All other data user fullfill on his own and can modify them at any time on his page with use profile. In these cases we do not collect or store any sorts of passwords. 

- Financial data of your purchases. These include details of your orders, status of their payment, cancellation status if applied. These are necessasry for business obligated duties like accounting, company's income statemente etc. Each registered user can find his purchase history on "My orders" page.

- Technical data for business obligated reasons. We use sesion cookies and collect some technical data: your IP address and country location based on it. Reasons for it are better selection of language pack we serve to the user of our website. IP address is one of data most often used and regulatory recognized data types for potential VAT adjustments like in cases of selling digital produts, selling abroad... 

Technical data for security reasons. In a case of security issues IP address can be one data we can use for our troubleshooting process, adjusting data services...

- For better user experience on our website. We collect browser details, screen resolution, operating system details where required to better serve our web content. Such examples would be Mobile responsive layout, some JavaScript UX functionalities that might not run well on certain types of browsers etc.

- Vistors stats. We use Google Analytics and in some cases Cloudflare for getting stats about visitors. That type of data is essential for better serving web-based services (SaaS, webshops, websites, APIs...) as we do our best to keep them running smoothly and 24/7. Crucial steps in these efforts are monitoring usage and performance. One step a user has in their direct disposal is add-ons like Ad-blockers. Our goals using these technologies are not related to user profiling or any sorts of user data manipulations, but purely using best available tools at our disposal for keeping our services operational and safe as possible. 

- Marketing data. - Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel are most often used technologies that help build better webshop experiences and optimize marketing efforts. Main and in most cases only goals among merchants of Klik MALL platform are giving their best effort for their small business operations.


Usage of these data

Operator of Klik MALL platform has access to data of webshop merchants as it is required for our support duties. List of users, that provide such support and therefor have data to most merchant's profiles, are detailed in internal documentation of company that operates the platform.

Customer’s personal data will not, under any circumstances, be handed over to any unauthorized persons or parties by the platform operator.

Webshop merchants like Tree of names have many law-binding duties that they must oblige and are therefor obligated to collect and save most of data mantioned above for law-defined periods of time.

Customer's Address (and delivery address) are often necessary to fullfill orders. In most cases external partners for delivery services are used (GLS, DHL, FedEX, PTT Slovenije...). For them to provide their services merchant must provide them customer's data delivery needed.

In cases with registered users and webshop buyers that agreed with receving notifications (i.e. special promotional codes) their contact details may be used by that webshop merchant. 

Data and information protection is also responsibility of the customer itself, by protecting and safekeeping their username and password and using suitable security software for the protection of their computers.